Thursday, October 14, 2010

Running the Race Set Before Us

I'm obsessed with life being compared to a race. I'm obsessed with how our bodies respond and how our spirits and emotions respond as we try to pace ourselves and run our best race. The Bible talks about laying aside encumbrances and running with endurance.
I feel like a sprinter trying to make it in a marathon.
What helps you run your best race? When do you feel the wind behind your back and the road rising up to meet you?
PS - I don't want to state the obvious, because it might not be that obvious - I'm not asking about running. I'm asking about life - life as a race.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's been a Jonah Day

If you have never read or watched Anne of Green Gables - a Jonah Day is when things just don't go quite right. Not sure when I will next have the courage to attend a birthday party with my little guy - today was a disaster. It fell right in the middle of nap time but I thought we were safe. Oh no, not even close to anything that resembles "safe."
Parenting was a joy and almost honeymoonish for us the first two years. We waited so long and a poopy diaper and midnight cry were wonderful things for us! Parenting is now quite challenging.
I have a smart, funny, clever, curious, active, boy who is also, sassy, defiant, contrary, sneaky and disrespectful. Did I mention that I love him very much!? He gave me a run for my money today. I left the party with tears in my eyes, holding the hand of a sticky, tear-stained, single-socked boy who was sobbing, "I want to stay at the party!!!!" Trust me, no one else wanted him to stay! We would have been out of there a bit faster but I couldn't find that other sock! Finally, sock be damned, I'm leaving!!!!!
The ride home wasn't much improved. The bag of pinata candy was going in the trash the second we arrived home and bedtime was to begin at 4:10pm. Daddy and son had a chat. It didn't "end" well for Daniel.
I have a new stack for my reading table. I think an early retirement and a little prayer time are in order for me! You see, Mommy too is smart, funny, clever, curious, sassy, defiant, contrary, and disrespectful. Change me Lord - don't let me stay the same.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Hair Challenge

I realize that after a long break from blogging, coming back with such a silly post is, well, silly, but I couldn't resist. Sharon and I had been talking about the "big hair" thing many months ago and I told her I thought I had bigger hair than she did and she challenged me! So, now I challenge all of you. Post your "biggest hair" photo you can find. This photo was taken in April 1991 (I was 28 at the time). I know - what was I thinking! Let's refrain from beginning a discussion on the outfit! I think my pants are turquoise blue!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Years Ago Today...

I was trying to track down my husband. I needed to speak with him about a baby boy that was born in Newport, Oregon just a few days prior that needed to go home that day with his forever family. I was having a little trouble finding Jim through the phone or email so about 10.25am, I jumped in my car and drove to his office. I left a desk covered with papers and computer still logged in.
Jim and I finally connected and after a few more hours, we drove home with our son that very evening. What a day! I will never forget.
I will also never forget the kind and loving friends that were there in Salem waiting for us with baby items and even some frozen dinners. It was about 10pm mind you. I think Abby got her boys out of bed to be there!!! What a blessing.
Now Daniel is two years old and I can hardly imagine our lives without him. What a difference a day makes!
With God, all things are possible. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT!

Friday, August 22, 2008


My day begins with a request. "Sin', sin'." Translation - "sing." Further translation - "Please turn on the music."

More requests - "Poo poo! Poo poo!" Translation - "Let's go to the backyard and look for any dog poop and then pick it up right away!"

Another request - "Foffee" Translation - "Can I have a sip of your coffee?" (By the way, we thought by giving him a sip of black coffee we would stop future requests - it didn't work.)

Jim comes home from work every day to the same request - "Mayo. Mayo." Translation - "Can we go and get the mail from the mailbox?"

I think what Daniel is really requesting is that we love him and spend time with him. Our answer, “OK, we will!”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008